Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Social Gaming Evolution - The Backend Power

The story tells, that slot machine was born somewhere at the beginning of the previous century in a small car service garage. The owner of the place built a mechanical “toy” that helped his customers to enjoy the time they were waiting for their car to be fixed. It was a social, fun entertainment solution. Eventually, this cool “toy” has become a famous gambling machine generating multibillion-dollar market and millions of customers all over the world.

For decades, technological progress in electronics and computer science was boosting automotive and entertainment industries. Most of the mechanical components in both industries’ products have been replaced by new technology - digital screens, sensors, CPUs and other digital elements. But the “master” product has always remained the same keeping its main attributes and core functionality.
Cloud revolution which started a few years ago changed slot industry drastically as well as the automotive world. The vehicle still has 4 wheels, steering wheel and seats. But it’s remotely controlled with IoT technologies, it has a self-driving mode and it is based on totally new sources of energy. Driving Tesla, you can easily figure out that the real power of this car is in the smart innovative cloud backend system that is always connected to you and controls the car with hundreds of engineers behind it.  This is definitely the eve of a new era.
If you look at the modern slot entertainment game you will find the same reels with symbols as in the first machine, a spin button or a handle, pay-lines and pay-table combinations. But the new cutting age slot games have their “hundreds of horsepower” generated by personalized design and a cloud-based powerful backend system that provides ultimate math and user experience, data-driven player journey, built in machine learning and BI, multi-channel gaming experience, and social collaboration. And this new game has one totally new dimension - the social one.
In the age of social networking, customers are looking to be connected and engaged in social activities. Most of them are great contributors and very active players in social networks.  This entertainment gaming platform shouldn’t compete for the customer’s time and attention with a social platform but has to be connected to them in order to create fantastic synergy and emotional journey. So, It was no surprise when social gaming was born a few years ago as a new entrainment industry that attracts millions of people who are looking for a fun and emotional engagement.

The modern slot machine attracts the player on the emotional level by its design and thematic concept. Once a player starts playing – the customer journey begins and the player keeps enjoining this journey as long as it’s a personal one. The machine has to learn the customer in order to achieve good retention and loyalty.  The math still remains the slot machine engine, but today's horsepower is generated by the DATA, machine learning and colossal backend platforms that drive these machines.
Blazesoft gaming engine is one of the leading backend solutions in the gaming industry. It is based on Microsoft cloud infrastructure - Azure. Blazesoft gaming solution provides end to end ready to go gaming package that includes:
·       Game Management Real-time – RTP (RNG or Ticketing), symbols, reels, features, Paytable
·       Player journey management – levels, achievements, contests, tournaments, mega and big wins
·       Player Management – Life Time Value, segmentation, personalization
·       Player Acquisition and Retention – campaigns, mass mail, retention programs
·       Event-Driven Data Analytics -  framework that collects and maps user behavior
·       Big Data Analysis and machine learning - allows us to transform data into information and then to action items using micro-segmentation algorithms
·       Customer service – multi-channel customer support
·       Jackpots configuration – Individual, shared, progressive

So, how can everyone create a great casino game using the Blazesoft platform?

1.  Your artists or Blazesoft team create amazing concept and design for slot machines – the “heart” of the machine. You can also choose one of the themes from the Blazesoft machines list and reskin it.
2.     Connect this machine to the Blazesoft’s backend system - the “brain” of the machine. Reels, symbols, twists, free spins, bonus games, pay-table and pay-lines – all these and many other parameters are controlled by the backend system.  It’s just about setup.
3.     Publish your game on Mobile (native iOS, Android), Web, Desktop.
4.     Map and learn your players’ behavior using event-driven data analytics.
5.     Transform this data to acquisition and retention campaigns.

Grow your business! Success with Blazesoft!

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