Thursday, 22 June 2017

From our Quora answers - Is each reel on an online slot machine random?

Is each reel on an online slot machine random?

Or rather, is the total payout worked out the moment you click the “spin” button and the game just decides what to show you in a way that is exciting. I.e shows you 4 of the jackpot symbols but only not winning, or did you win 4/5 and failed on the final attempt?


If this is real money slot machine , then there are 2 options -
  1. Tickets system - there are X million predefined results and machine just “calls” them one after another
  2. RnG (Random number generator) - the results are random but based on the each reel configuration . Meaning - if reel 1 has 60 symbols and your reel has 3 lines , and you have specific amount of each symbols , you can calculate the odd of specific symbol on this reel
Of course , if it's a social casino , there are no regulations or rules . So besides 2 methods I've mentioned they can inject any result anytime based on player's behavior

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