Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Online & Social Casino Slot Machine creation and managment - from weeks of R&D and QA cycle to 15 minutes

This article briefly shows the ease of creation and administration of Slot machine via Blazesoft's Casino module, a part of Blazesoft game server.

Some of the slot machine's metadata parameters that you can easily setup and manage   -
  • Slot machine name
  • Slot machine Icon
  • Paylines
  • Local & Global Jackpot enabled (type / yes / no)
  • Tournaments enabled (type/ yes/no)
  • Min/Max Bonus
  • Math Engine - RnG / Tickets
  • Unlocked level (for social gaming)
  • Features - Cascade, Icons Collection, Sticky Symbol, Expanding WILD, WILD on X, and much more
  • Symbols configuration
  • Paytable settings (will be covered in next topics)
  • Reels Configuration (based on Par Sheet)
  • Configuration simulator - make 1,000,0000 virtual spins to validate your configuration
  • and much more..

Setting new machine procedure

1. Getting into the "Themes" (slot machines) screen.

2. You will see the list of all your slot machines including their high level metadata.
The data view is fully configurable and can show different data fields

3. Creating a NEW SLOT Machine

Our Game server supports various parameters you can define and dynamically  change.
Any change in configuration will be reflected on your client's device - (WEB, Mobile, Facebook, Terminal).

  • Slot Machine metadata

  • Slot Machine - Reels and symbols

  • The same screen with data:
Metadata configuration

Jackpot configuration

Reels configuration

Reels (as symbols and paytables), can be configured manually or by doing a "bulk import" from CSV / XLS or external systems

Once all the data entry is done (5-15 minutes), you can test your setting
  • Run Simulation reports - Simulated 100,000-10,000,000 spins usually takes 1-5 minutes will assure that you've made the right settings and your RTP % is performing as expected.
  • Make changes in your Paytable, reels or other parameters and re-run this report to explore the RTP % change.
  • Run other performance reports that demonstrate popularity / profitability of your machine including A/B testing reports

  • Once everything checked, just hit the "Publish" button and all your player will receive updated configuration

Thanks for your interest in our Blazesoft casino backend, stay tuned for more feature posts! If you would like a free live demo of the Blazesoft game backend as a service platform, we encourage you to contact us to book your demo