Monday, 9 January 2017

What Social CRM tools do mobile game companies use ?

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  1. I've never liked Microsoft's CRM, it's not the best and easiest way, especially for those who use websites on Wordpress. My friends advised me to use the plugin wordpress crm plugin, it's convenient, especially for those who just started building their own small business.

  2. Not sure that Dynamics CRM and crm plugin for wordpress are two comparable things.
    The first is worldwide leading enterprise level solution with vast feature list, broad set of built in capabilities not just for managing customers but also to build TRUE XRM solution, while the other is simple (straight forward) CRM online tool for SMB's with very limited options for true customizations.
    The first one is based on Microsoft Stack with full integration both to Ms Products (Word / Excel , ...) but also to Ms R&D tools (Visual Studio).
    When you build your Gaming CRM, it's not about data entry but you actually need to create various integration to other systems (Facebook, Google, Push Notification, Mass Mailing, your backend systems and much more) and create what is TRUE reason for having CRM - full 360' of your business in 1 system. Both for ongoing monitoring of your business and... for doing updates (while you change in CRM, it actually changes in all other systems)

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