Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Parse.com is out. Blazesoft is great alternative

The Parse hosted service will be retired on January 28, 2017

Parse.com, is shutting down on January 28, 2017. 

Top reasons why to migrate to Blazesoft game backend as a service  - 

A recent entrant of the BaaS scene, BlazeSoft has come out of the gates with a solid, offering. While offering all of the features you would expect from a quality BaaS provider, such as -  
  • Game hosting
  • App store integration
  • User authentication
  • Level management
  • Achievements management 
  • Leaderboards
  • Social perks - invite friends, send money, share
  • various login mechanisms - Facebook, tweeter, Google+, Email, Guest 
  • Rate us mechanism - internal and integrated with stores 
  • Billing 
  • 360 view on player
  • Reports - Retention, monetization, lead management and more 
  • Built-in integration to marketing tools - MailChimp / OneSignal and others 
  • Built-in integration with Analytics tools 
  • Slot Engine, including slot machines configuration, %RTP calculation, PAR sheets
  • Sports Betting Engine, including pre-match, in-game, stats, markets, odds 
  • and many other exciting features :)
BlazeSoft stands out for their powerful analytics and engines for casino, slot and sports games and scalable infrastructure hosted on AZURE cloud.

BlazeSoft’s 360 degree player view lets you track individual players or key segments including biographical, social, and in-game data, and to pinpoint communications based on player behavior or attributes. If you’re developing a casino or slot game, definitely check out BlazeSoft’s BaaS as they allow full control of factors such as volatility, RTP percent, PAR sheets, and more using an intuitive CRM with real time update.

BlazeSoft’s pricing is based on need, and right now they’re offering a free live demo and  trial, along with some other perks. 

Contact us for more details - info@blazesoft.ca 

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