Thursday, 5 January 2017

In search of user authentication: Social and email login in mobile games

As mobile game developers, of course we love all of our players. But we know that we save a little bit extra love for those players who are also authenticated users.

Almost all games ask users to sign in before they play the game, and most allow the options to sign in using a social media connection (Facebook Connect, Google+, Twitter), Email login, or as a guest. You want as many to sign up as anything other than “guest” so that you can communicate with them and better understand their behavior.

The Blazesoft backend as a service solution gives game development companies the ability to offer a wide range of authentication methods, built in to your overall backend infrastructure. This means that not only can you offer these authentication methods without worrying about coding them in manually, but you can also tie authentication to in-game actions, like bonuses and awards.

Once you have the data from your authenticated user, using Blazesoft’s game server, their information is automatically stored in your backend CRM.

There you have it. Blazesoft’s back end as a service helps you offer any method of authentication, helps you promote user authentication, and stores the information you collect so you can learn more about your users, all built in to an intuitive CRM.

Thanks for your interest in our Blazesoft game hosting solution, stay tuned for more feature posts! If you would like a free live demo of the Blazesoft backend as a service interface, we encourage you to contact us to book your demo.

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