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How to make a game – (Part 3). ACHIEVEMENTS – great player’s retention feature

How to make a game – (Part 3). 

ACHIEVEMENTS  – great player’s retention feature

Player retention is one of the key success factors in gaming industry. It positively affects various business KPI’s and one of them is monetization. It’s obvious that by prolonging player’s session, app’s monetization probability dramatically increases either via embedded “intensified”  components (TapJoy, AdColony, IronSource and many others) or by having actual IAP (In-App Purchase).
Player’s retention is effected by dozens different elements. One of them is “Achievements” –
The idea of Game Achievements is obvious – To reward player for Extraordinary or Unique accomplishments. ex:
a.       Unique – “First goal”, “getting first win”
b.       Extraordinary    - “Knock-out it 10 seconds”

Game Achievements as many other features should be managed from the server to allow easy setup and maintenance.
Objects to manage –
Server side -
  1. Achievement ID
  2. Achievement pictures 
  3. Achievement name
  4. Achievement description
  5. Coins / Virtual goods to assign once unlocked
  6. Set of rules when each achievement triggers
  7. Sending data (1-6) to the client

Achievements list - configurable from CRM

Client side  - 
  1. Receiving data from the server and triggering relevant UI popup components

That’s it…  J

What Blazesoft has to offer - 

Using Blazesoft game server, you can add / remove / enable / disable achievements. Configuration is performed via easy to centralized CRM system. Using same CRM system, admin can monitor assignment process for specific player, group of player (filtered by levels, geography, skills or many other parameters) or full game summary

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