Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How do mobile games get made?

You do mobile app development. You have an idea for a game – a shooter where you’re a monster, shooting other monsters, but all of your weapons are made out of plants. You call it Monster BioShooter and you’re ready for it to be the best game on the market.

There are a few things that you, just like every game developer, need to figure out. How do players progress through the game? What is the Level / XP configuration? Will you have Achievements, Tournaments, and Rate Us mechanisms? What about multiplayer? Where will you host your game, and how will you submit it to the major game stores (Google Play / Apple Store)?

Then there’s the question of your game’s virtual economy. What kinds of “points” or “money” are in the game, how do players earn them, and what are they good for (game economy)? How many of these do your players start with, and how many do they need to move onto another level of your game? These aspects need to be considered and implemented. And then, importantly, they need to be tested, monitored, and adjusted.

Every game needs to solve these aspects, and the ones that do it best are the most fun for players and the most successful for game development companies. That’s where Blazesoft comes in.

Blazesoft’s gaming backend as a service represents the unity of your mobile games with a powerful CRM that makes it easy to not only implement, but also iteratively improve, all of these aspects of your game – without making your players download an update every time you tweak a setting. And no dipping back into the code.

The challenge for any game developer is to make your game hard enough, but not too hard, to grab and keep the attention of your players. You need to reward your players with incentives they want (like more coins, or a bigger plant gun) for actions you want to encourage (like becoming an authenticated user through email or social media login – more on that in tomorrow’s blog post). Our backend as a service lets you create and manage features that your players can unlock and offer bonus points to keep encouraging them. And it all updates in real time. No recoding or republishing means hours saved.

As a smart game inventor, you know that your game needs to get a little harder as your players progress through your game. Maybe they need to kill ten monsters to get passed the first level, twenty monsters for third, forty for third, and so on. But the sweet-spot settings are just a guess until you have data – and Blazesoft provides plenty of data. We’ll talk more about our 360-degree player view and retention reports on the blog next week, but for now, here is a look at how easy is to tinker with your level settings once you have some data to drive your decision-making:

Thanks for your interest in our Blazesoft game server, stay tuned for more feature posts! If you would like a free live demo of the Blazesoft game hosting, we encourage you to contact us to book your demo.

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