Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Get to know your app’s users: 360-player view

Get to know your app’s users: 360-player view

Every relationship coach will tell you that one of the most important things you can do is to know your audience. As game developers we are always looking to build relationships with our players, and to do that, we need to get to know them. Luckily Blazesoft’s backend as a service (BaaS) has you covered with our 360-Degree Player View feature.

Know your players as a group, segments, and individuals

360-Degree Player View gives game developers using the Blazesoft game platform the ability to understand everything about your players including aggregate-level trends, custom segment drill-downs using a wide range of filtering options, and individual player-level information including any information gained from the user’s authentication, in-game use, statistics, and purchases, and any communications that a player has had with you or your team.

Communicate easily and strategically

Let’s say you made a new super-special weapon for your game, Monster BioShooter. You want to give your most dedicated players access to this special new feature, along with a little note of gratitude, as a thank-you for their commitment. With Blazesoft’s BaaS you can easily upload the new feature, identify loyal users, make the new feature available for that group, and also send a push or email message to them to let them know the great news.

Sometimes your users contact you directly for support, suggestions, and other communications. Instead of sifting through an email inbox, Blazesoft’s game server offers end-to-end customer service management with service tickets and status, and tracking.

Blasesoft’s customer management platform lets you coordinate communications and support across teams so you never have to worry about anyone falling through the cracks or getting more than one response. You provide the friendly service, Blazesoft will give you the tools to provide it easier and more reliably.

Understand how your players actually play your game

When we develop our game and its features and settings, we start with a theory about how people will play our games. Once they start actually playing, sometimes we get a very different picture. With Blazesoft’s BaaS, not only can you produce retention reports and other handy statistics, but you can also filter these results based on key segments. Find out how your most loyal players play your game, then you can figure out how to attract more of them.

Like they say, knowledge is power, and with Blazesoft you can be the most powerful game development company around.

Thanks for your interest in our Blazesoft game backend, stay tuned for more feature posts! If you would like a free live demo of the Blazesoft backend as a service interface, we encourage you to contact us to book your demo

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