Thursday, 5 January 2017

Blazesoft completed full integration with BetRadar and SportRadar – leading supplier of sports betting data and digital content

BetRadar and SportRadar provide full coverage for worldwide sports events. Including pre-match information – statistics, players, odds, results in last X games and LIVE data – score, live odds, commentaries and much more (Betradar coverage list).

Blazesoft fully integrated sports data to its backend, so creating sports betting website ore mobile app is not a complex project anymore.  Companies that used to spend many month on integration, performance tuning, security aspects and testing can launch their sports app in less than a month.

Example of social betting games (BETA's) currently developed on Blazesoft's backend -

and various other projects in development stages under NDA.

Dimitry Behak, Blazesoft CTO - Using Blazesoft game backend, you can enable / disable sports types, leagues, markets and odds and transmit pre-match and live data using various open socket protocols. All configurations and performance reports available via the most advanced CRM system available on the market today – Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Launching of your sports app becomes a matter of weeks and not months. 

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